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Update on Pet Passports

DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) have announced that from January 2015 they will be trying to streamline the Pet Travel Scheme with the rest of Europe.

See their post here: DEFRA

This means there will be new passports which will be more difficult to forge and there will be strengthened enforcement activity to help prevent illegal importation of dogs and cats.

If you already have a pet passport it will still be valid and doesn’t need changing until it runs out.

We have seen increasing numbers of puppies being bought from breeders abroad, where the puppies have been under age, or in very poor health. These puppies seem to be bred in Eastern Europe without the health schemes we have in the UK to prevent inherited diseases; they are traded at a big puppy market in Berlin and driven around Western Europe by unscrupulous dealers.

So, we are really welcoming any change that makes this trade more difficult.

Have your  say here. What do you think about the import trade?

Michelle Lingard BVSc, MRCVS