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New Family Members

Meet Mrs Scurrah and her new Basset Hound Mabel

The Basset Hound is a Scent Hound

English Breeders crossed French Bassets to arrive at the Basset Hound.  The breed was shown for the first time in Paris in 1863 and in England in 1875, where it was developed.  A Basset Hound club was founded in England in 1883 and the first standard was published in 1887.

Character, Special Skills and training

The tenacious Basset Hound hunts with his nose, works instinctively in packs, has a deep, melodious voice and is not afraid on brambles.  He has great endurance and is placid, never aggressive – his strong will and stubbornness are legendary.  He is a skilled pack hound, trailing small and medium sized game (including rabbit, hare, wild boar and deer). Affectionate and gentle, he is a prized family friend. He needs firm training.

Care and functions

This athlete needs space and lots of exercise.  He does not tolerate solitude or heat very well. He requires regular brushing and attention to the ears and eyes.

  • ·         Hunting Dog
  • ·         Companion Dog