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Great Eccleston Show 2012

Fun at Great Eccleston Show

Staff enjoyed meeting the crowds at Great Eccleston Show this year and they took along a few animal helpers to make the show of interest.

Quentin the Cockerel was there as part of a 'game'. 

The game Quentin was playing was Cock a Doodle Poo!  Members of the public bid a a square on his crate floor and if they guessed the square in which Quentin 'performed' they won a prize.  All proceeds went to local charities. 

I am assured that Quentin thoroughly enjoyed meeting people over the weekend.

Jazz the Labrador and Jo Jo the wired haired daschund (in Kate's arms) thought the day great fun.

Luckily the weekend stayed dry for all exhibitors after an appalling week of weather leading up to the event.

Oscar taking a break from looking after Quentin.