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Reception area

Waiting room

Our spacious waiting room where we have a wide range of food, toys and products on display.

Consulting rooms

All our consulting rooms are designed and equipped for the veterinary surgeons' needs and are air conditioned for the comfort of you and your pets.


If your pet is admitted to the practice for any reason they will be placed in our purpose built kennelling facilities that provide warm, comfortable accommodation both before and after treatment.

Operating theatre

Surgery is carried out in a fully equipped operating theatre using the most modern and up to date equipment available.  All patients are fully monitored during anaesthesia and surgery using an array of equipment to ensure patient safety.


The practice has a fully automated x-ray processor to allow x-rays to be developed immediately for instant results.


Ultrasound scanning is available for pregnancy and other diagnostic purposes.

Practice laboratory

The practice laboratory is able to examine blood samples for changes in the blood chemistry and cells. Urine samples may be examined and a special test helps in the diagnosis of two important feline viruses.