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Waiting Area 

At Hambleton we have utilised the Reception space well by allocating separate waiting areas for Cats and Dogs. Our Feline friends no longer have to sit waiting with the big boisterous dogs for that all important appointment. This will reduce stress for them before the Vet has to make their examination.

Consulting rooms

All our consulting rooms are designed and equipped for the veterinary surgeons' needs and air conditioned for the comfort of you and your pet. At Hambleton we now have separate Cat and Dog consultation rooms and even the nurses have their own room to do their regular flea,worm and weight clinics or perform the 'k laser' treatments in comfort

Quiet Room

At Moy Vets we understand that the final days and hours of your pets' life is a very important time. 

With this in our thoughts we have included in the new build a Quiet Room, where, in comfort you can spend as much time as you feel necessary with your beloved pet saying your goodbyes in your own way.

Dog Ward 

If your pet is admitted to the practice for any reason they will be placed in our purpose built dog ward that provide warm, comfortable accommodation both before and after treatment.

Cat Ward 

With the extra space we had available at Hambleton were keen to have the new facility of a separate Cat Ward to make the prospect of any cat having to stay for the day less stressful. 


Operating theatre

Surgery is carried out in a fully equipped operating theatre, using the most modern and up to date equipment available. All patients are fully monitored during anaesthesia and surgery using an array of equipment to ensure patient safety.


The practice has a fully automated x-ray processor to allow x-rays to be developed immediately for instant results.


Our Pharmacy is temperature controlled to ensure that we store drugs in the correct conditions. The Practice only buy drugs from a reputable wholesaler who delivers to the practices daily.


Ultrasound scanning is available for pregnancy and other diagnostic purposes.